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a complete line of innovative products and technological solutions in non-woven world.

High-quality materials and innovation, are synthetized in a ‘product’ with a creative
and attractive packaging,
to satisfy the request of technologies which are
targeted to specific needs.

Specific product for kitchen hygiene and household appliancesRoll-towels for dispenserProduct with antibacterial propertiesSpecific product for cleaning machinery and hardwareSpecific product for cleaning computers and household-appliances Specific product for the cleaning working surface and hard polished surfacesThis product is particularly indicated for cleaning tilesThis product is particularly suitable for bathroom cleaningThis product is particularly suitable for wash-bowl cleaningThis product is particularly indicated for cleaning glass surface, windows and mirrorsSpecific product for floor cleaning

Platza® by FJWD
is a products line
always able to offer
the greatest level
of functional
character and technology
so to satisfy the market’s expectations and demands,
through new and interesting business opportunities
for the GDO.

           Wet cloths expressly
     ideated for the cleaning of floors and tiles, for the oven, for windows and mirrors, for furniture and parquet.

Dry cloths in microfibers and cotton, dust-capture cloths and gloves, non-woven towels and
dishcloths for the house and the person, tablecloths and napkins.

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