100% Polyester
65 grs/sq.m
210x300 mm
8.26x11.81 inch
Bar Code:
8 007145222009
Product Code:
Twister 65100 PET
Quantity per carton:
20 packets
Carton size:
36x21x20 cm 14.17x8.26x7.87 inch.
Cartons per pallet:
Layers in pallet:
5 (5 layers of 9 cartons)
Weight of carton:
1.750 Kg 3858.02 lb
Weight of pallet approx:
84 Kg 185.18 lb

Electrostaic Cloths that attract dust
This special cloth that becomes electrostaticly charged while you dust, and attracts dust and dirt.
To be used without water or detergents.
Dust Control
This innovative system of visible control of saturation of the cloth to see the quantity of dirt and the usage of the cloth, guarantees perfect cleaning and no wasting of cloths.